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We set up the 10 miles club to celebrate the ingredients that can be found in your local area. We create menus for our supper club with seasonal, sustainable produce from within a 10 mile radius of the venue. The aim is to create delicious food with full traceability and a low carbon footprint.

Each supper club starts with the venue, creating the central point of our search for ingredients. We source produce from local farms (yes, even in the city), bee-keepers, foragers and from local businesses where it would otherwise go to waste.


Living in east London, the search for ingredients can be challenging but this makes it all the more interesting to see what we serve up. Our location also means we occasionally use produce that is prepared rather than grown within that radius. To stop this undermining our core values, we only do this if it is necessary, if the ingredient is from England and was already making that journey.

For example, flour that is milled nearby for a local bakery. We hope you don't mind, but we're making an exception for salt and oil, as long as it's from the UK (we all know a life without salt is not worth living).

As is the nature of supper clubs, where a set menu is offered, we plan our dishes around what is available and use as much of the ingredients as possible to ensure minimal waste. Each event, we serve one sitting of three courses. We like that food brings people together and sparks conversation – whether it's about the food we're serving or something more personal. 


Read more about our previous events in the supper clubs page. Will we see you #inthe10milesclub ?

Emily + Sarah x

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