Our core ingredients are those grown and produced within 10 miles of the venue so, naturally, our menus are driven by what is in season – starting with fruit, veg and herbs. From there, we use other raw ingredients, such as nuts and spices, to build layers of flavour. Honey is our main sweetener (though let us know if you find sugar growing in London). We source organic eggs and high welfare meat from small farms that use regenerative farming practices to rear rare breeds, with a view that small amounts of animal products can be part of a sustainable approach to food. Reducing food waste is something we are equally passionate about so we do our best to use whole ingredients, whether that’s using the leafy tops from our carrots or rendering meat fat to use as lard. We also source ‘waste’ from local food companies, such as whey – the by-product of cheese making. 

Working within this framework is tricky, especially in the city, but we see it as an opportunity to get creative. And a chance to collaborate with an incredible range of small producers, from beekeeping cooperatives and small city farms to high-tech hydroponics farms growing in shipping containers. Where raw ingredients cannot be found within our radius, we extend our sourcing to include ingredients processed within the 10 miles, as long as they fit within our ethical framework. By this we don’t mean ‘processed’ in a mass-production sense, we mean food producers that support regenerative farming, community projects or indie producers from where we already source a waste product. For example, we use flour milled within our radius but grown from heritage grains elsewhere in England. Oil and salt are the only ingredients sourced outside our 10 miles, but we choose English-grown – we hope you can take us with a pinch of salt.

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Our current suppliers...

Brixton Windmill – flour​

Crate to Plate – salad and greens

E5 Bakehouse – flour

Forty Hall Farm & Vineyard – vegetables, meat and wine

Growing Communities – salad, vegetables, herbs and fruit

Hackney Herbal – herbal teas

Kappacasein – whey and cheese

Stepney City Farm – vegetables, herbs and meat

Wildes Cheese – whey and cheese

58 Gin – gin