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cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31



Lemon verbena tisane | 58 Gin London Dry | soda

The base of this cocktail is lemon verbena grown and dried by Hackney Herbal, a brilliant company with its own gardens in Hackney that makes tisanes. It’s paired with London dry from 58 Gin – a distillery based in Haggerston that has sustainability at the core of everything they do. The drink is topped with a little soda for a touch of fizz.



Three-cornered leek soup | pea shoots | sourdough focaccia

Three-cornered leek is a mild, sweet green, found all over the UK. Similarly to wild garlic, it is part of the allium family, with triangular shaped leaves giving it it's name. In this verdant soup we celebrate the coming of spring and the bounty of veg that has been stored. The three-cornered leek is grown at Stepney City Farm in amongst their vegetables but can also be foraged in the local area. And at the base of the soup, we've used leeks and onions from Forty Hall Farm. We've made sourdough focaccia using flour milled at E5 bakery to serve alongside the soup – perfect for dunking.



Roasted lamb neck (or mushrooms) | beetroot kraut | aioli

We believe a small amount of meat can be enjoyed as part of a regenerative farming system, where grazing animals play a role in the whole ecosystem. For this dish, we've roasted lamb neck fillets from Stepney City Farm, who rear a small number of rare breed animals with sustainability and education at the heart of everything they do. For those choosing to not eat meat, we've got oyster mushrooms for a similarly comforting umami hit. These were grown by Nourished Communities. Turning to preserved foods is ideal at this time of year, so we've paired the lamb with beetroot kraut from London Fermentary who make ferments with leftover veg from grocers in Bermondsey. We love anything that saves on waste too! Our homemade aioli and some wasabi rocket from Crate to Plate adds another kick so this punchy dish.



Herby gnocchi | kale sauce | mustard greens & mozzarella salad

This course is a tribute to all things green available in winter. We've filled pillowy pockets of potato gnocchi with plenty of herbs and coated them in a vibrant kale sauce. All of the greens were grown at Crate to Plate, a clever hydroponics farm that uses state of the art technology to grow in shipping containers in the city centre. Their methods use 95% less water than standard farming and are not impacted by the weather so are ideal for the colder months in the UK. 
On the side is a beautiful mustard greens salad, grown at Stepney City Farm, topped with London-made mozzarella from La Latteria. We've scattered over a crumb made with the potato skins leftover from the gnocchi to ensure there's no waste. 



Jam roly poly | whey custard

For our dessert, we've also turned to preserves – this time jam from the brilliant organisation East End Jam. They run community foraging walks and make the jam with what they've collected. The roly poly is a classic dessert – here made with local honey. We work with a London co-operative of honey-producing bee hives, Pearly Queen Honey for sweetness that also imparts depth of flavour. On the side is a whey custard, which uses up the whey that surrounds the mozzarella, keeping it fresh. The whey gives it a slightly tangy quality which balances the sweetness of the dessert.

cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31


7:30pm | 4 courses + a cocktail

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