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cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31 | bottle of fizz £35



Pickled beetroot | Potato rosti | beetroot kraut | basil dip

Earthy beetroot grown at Forty Hall Farm in Enfield is the star of this dish. To really let the flavour shine, we've sliced it very finely and lightly pickled it. Between the layers are a crisp potato rosti, using up egg whites from the dessert. And on top is a beetroot kraut from London Fermentary who make ferments with leftover veg from grocers in Bermondsey. We've brought it together with a verdant basil dip. The basil is grown by Crate to Plate, a clever hydroponics farm that uses state of the art technology to grow in shipping containers in the city centre. Their methods use 95% less water than standard farming and are not impacted by the weather so are ideal for the colder months in the UK.  



Crayfish bisque (or three-cornered leek soup) | sourdough focaccia

Did you know American crayfish are an invasive species in the UK? So not only does fishing them out of the River Lee (as done by Crayfish Bob) mean we can source them within 10 miles of Dalston, it means we're doing the local ecosystem a favour by removing them. Similar to prawns in taste, we've served them in a bisque made with the shells. Alongside is our signature sourdough focaccia using flour milled at E5 bakery to – perfect for dunking.



Baked ricotta & honey | parsnip puree | grilled broccoli | braised leeks | mustard greens salad

London-made ricotta from La Latteria has been baked and drizzled with honey for the centre of this sharing spread. Alongside is a variety of in-season veg from Forty Hall Farm and Growing Communities, the latter of which is a community project which encourages growing fruit and veg in the city. We've grilled the purple sprouting broccoli to give plenty of caramelisation and braised the leeks in London-made white wine. We've scattered over a crumb made with the potato skins leftover from the first course to ensure there's no waste. 



Choux buns | poached rhubarb | custard

For our dessert, we're showcasing just in-season, beautiful rhubarb. Grown at Growing Communities, this classic British fruit is beautiful poached in a little honey to draw out its sweetness. We work with a London co-operative of honey-producing bee hives, Pearly Queen Honey for sweetness that also imparts depth of flavour.

cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31 | bottle of fizz £35


7:30pm | 4 courses + a cocktail

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