cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31



Lemon verbena tisane | 58 Gin London Dry | soda

The base of this cocktail is lemon verbena grown and dried by Hackney Herbal, a brilliant company with its own gardens in Hackney that makes tisanes. It’s paired with London dry from 58 Gin – a distillery based in Haggerston that has sustainability at the core of everything they do. The drink is topped with a little soda for a touch of fizz.



No waste beetroot | crab apple jelly | apple chutney | sourdough focaccia

Celebrating some of the richest flavours of the season, our first course makes the most of the earthy beetroot grown at Sitopia farm. We’ve used every part of the beet, roasting the root, pickling the stems and making crisps with the peels. We’ve paired it with two types of apple – a crab apple jelly and an apple chutney. Both made with produce from Stepney City Farm. 



Jerusalem artichoke rosti | slow-roasted lamb (or pulled mushrooms) | whey custard

We believe a small amount of meat can be enjoyed as part of a regenerative farming system. For this dish, we slow cooked lamb legs from Stepney City Farm, who rear a small number of rare breed animals with sustainability and education at the heart of everything they do. They were cooked with onions from the farm and Battersea-made Pinot Noir from Blackbook Winery. For those choosing to not eat meat, we've pulled mushrooms for a similarly comforting umami topping. These were foraged in the local area by Flavour Fred. The Jerusalem artichokes for the base of this course were grown at Stepney. And to bring it together we have a cheesy custard made with whey rather than milk – which is the byproduct of the cheese making process. The cheese is from Bermondsey-based dairy Kappacasein.



Squash | labneh | honeyed seeds | chilli oil | crispy sage | cavolo nero 

Roasted wedges of squash are the star of this plate, fresh from Sitopia they have so much more flavour than supermarket varieties. Sitopia is an urban farm in Greenwich which is bringing regenerative agriculture to the city in an impressive way. To ensure there’s no waste we wash the squash seeds then roast and coat them in a sticky honey and ale syrup. We’ve served it with labneh, a thick strained yogurt, made with yogurt from Kappacasein. And a crispy chilli oil that combines chillies and spring onions from Stepney with fennel seeds from Emily’s garden. Crispy sage leaves from the garden finish it off.
On the side is beautiful cavolo nero from Stepney, scattered with a Jerusalem artichoke crumb, made with the offcuts from the previous course, plus some crispy peas from Hodmedods. 



Fir syrup bundt cakes | fir syrup sauce | fig leaf ice cream 

Our dessert is rich with a syrup made from fermented fir cones, foraged in the local area. This unexpected ingredient offers some of the pine aromas you would associate with winter in a sweet syrup. Alongside the syrup we’re very pleased to work with a London co-operative of honey-producing bee hives, Pearly Queen Honey for sweetness that also imparts depth of flavour. In this dessert, their Hackney honey is also in the cake. On the side is a rich ice cream infused with fig leaves from a local garden. 

cocktail £8.50 | glass of wine £8 | bottle of wine £31


7:30pm | 4 courses + a cocktail | £49