Lemon verbena | 58 Gin London Dry | wonky raspberry soda

This cocktail started with the discovery of Hackney Herbal, who grow herbs in a patchwork of sites around Hackney and use them to create unique herbal tea blends. The funds from which go towards free community activities in the local area. We've brewed  their dried lemon verbena into an infusion to pair with raspberry soda (made with otherwise un-used ‘wonky’ raspberries) and London dry gin from 58 Gin. We love everything that 58 Gin are doing. Based in a railway arch in Haggerston, sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of this distillery’s ethos – plus they really know how to make a drink.



Sourdough trash crackers | carrot chutney | tomato relish | pickled cucmbers | cheese

After deciding to make focaccia for this meal, we wanted to do something with the sourdough discard we would create in the process of bulking out our starter. We chose 'trash' crackers - the tangy, savoury starter makes an almost cheesy cracker when spread really thin. To top it we have cheese from Wildes Cheese - an amazing independent cheesemaker in Tottenham. We've given you a taste of their creamy Londonshire, soft London Blue and Alexandra cheeses. To top them off, we have a trio of pickles. We love how chutneys preserve the season. We've used vegetables from Stepney City Farm, who grow organically with sustainability and education at the heart of everything they do.



Rainbow beetroot | sautéed stalks | wasabi rocket | vinaigrette | pickled elderberries

A celebration of this beautiful, earthy vegetable. Our beetroot is from Sitopia Farm - an amazing new project all about regenerative farming, near Greenwich. We've dressed the roots in a vinaigrette made with our home brewed vinegar, which we make using white wine from Forty Hall Vineyard in Enfield. We endeavour to cook with no waste so we've also used the stalks from the beetroot as a crisp topping. The wasabi rocket comes from Crate to Plate whose state-of-the-art hydroponics farms are housed in shipping containers. Their technology means they can grow premium quality greens with no pesticides and 95% less water than traditional farming in central London.



Roasted vegetables | sausage meat | ricotta | sourdough focaccia bases | heritage tomato salad

We use our sourdough starter Myra with organic English flour milled at Brixton Windmill and E5 Bakehouse. The focaccia dough is baked with rosemary from Emily's balcony. We've topped it with ricotta from Kappacasein Dairy. Roasted veg is glorious at this time of year with depth of flavour and plenty of colour. We sourced it all from Sitopia - including all the various colours of delicious heritage tomatoes for the accompanying salad. We use a small amount of meat, if reared as part of organic, regenerative farming. Forty Hall Farm in Enfield is such a producer and we've used their pork and chilli sausages to top the pizzas.



Raspberries | honey sponge | plum and berry ripple sorbet | cobnuts | thyme

Dessert is the most challenging course for us, as there’s no sugar, butter or milk produced within 10 miles of Hackney. Honey is our main sweetener and we’re very pleased to work with a London co-operative of hives, Pearly Queen Honey. In this dessert, their Hackney honey has been churned into a sorbet with plums, from a tree in the back garden of one our friends. Plus a ripple of foraged berries. We've also used the honey in our sponge - this time the Dulwich honey; it gives a richer flavour to the sponge with notes of dates and fig. Whisked up with organic eggs from Woodlands Farm, which is next to Sitopia. The raspberries are from a patch that grows very well in the gardens for Emily's flat block and the cobnuts are also from local trees. A garnish of thyme leaves from Emily's balcony bring all the flavour together.


7:30pm | 4 courses + a cocktail | £45